Why aida?

Times have changed. Advertising can be expensive. Attention is short lived.

In order to achieve the best results in marketing you must reach the best target audience. Who’s that?  The ones that are ready to buy. Over 90% of people aren’t in the market (at this time) for your product or service. Aida can show you the top 10% of who is actively preparing to make a purchase of your product or service. How? Tracking online behavior. 

Aida can show you which individuals have the most online behavior demonstrating that they are preparing to make a purchase (think reading articles, google searches and clicking on product related stuff). Predictive Modeling. Purchase Data. Magazine Subscriptions. Ethnicity. Age…The most powerful predictor of an actual purchase is actual behavior. 


Times have changed…and the businesses that know “the who” & “the when” will win.

Lower Your

Cost Per Lead

There are three primary ways aida can lower your cost per lead:

  1. When you invest less on people who aren’t ready to buy (waste) and invest more on people who are ready to buy, you can achieve a much lower cost per lead (typically half the cost of traditional marketing).
  2. Leveraging the relevancy algorithms of Google, Facebook and other channels. Uploading and targeting a custom audience campaign will have more engagement and click through (ie more relevant).   First cost per click can be 15% to 50% lower.
  3. Successfully market on other social media channels that historically have a lower cost per click or lead than Google or even direct mail. Google’s average cost per click is more than 5 times that of Facebook.

Have a Strategic Competitve



Know who’s in the market and preparing to buy before your competitors.

Have the full contact information of active leads that you can market to on various channels; not being vulnerable to the cost fluctuations of just one lead source/channel.

Leverage the power of machine learning and create the true path to purchase for your brand.

Few have access to aida.  Her leads are sold exclusively to one company in each geography.  Once a territory is sold, it’s sold.  Leads are not sold to competitors.

What does it cost?

Pricing is determined by your industry (senior living, insurance, mortgage, auto, etc) and by the geography targeted (ie Denver, Co or Florida).

It’s less than a million dollars a month.

Contact your referral source for a custom quote.